Help Needed to Supply Needy Families with Milk Powder for Their Children

With infant formula prices sky-rocketing over the past decade, parents have been cow beh cow bu-ing to the point where the government is taking steps to improve the affordability of milk powder.

In the meantime, there’s a group of volunteers, Ian Free Milk Blessing, who are going out of their way to help needy families obtain milk powder for their kids.

They’re now appealing for help to buy milk powder to supply these needy families.

So if you can afford to, why not lend a hand so a child can have enough to milk to drink?

(Ed’s note: Failing which, you can of course slip some cash our way so we have enough Tiger to drink. No lah, focus on the kids!)

Ian Free Milk Blessing: We are a group of dedicated volunteers that runs the movement call Ian Free Milk Blessing on Facebook, and till date, we’ve blessed 2116 families with our surprise squad with free milk powder for the needy families in Singapore, especially for young children who suffer from malnutrition, and vulnerable children who suffer from family violence.

Our team of volunteers consist of 33 wonderful souls, and they have been very passionate to help the community, till date, collectively, we’ve spent more than $40000 in just 11 weeks.

I’m appealing for the help from the general potential donors, public and kind soul for us to continue to bless those needy families, and your kind donations will goes a long way for the children of our future.

Our target this time round is 1000 tins of milk, with each tin cost approximately $50, and of course, you’re welcome to donate more, so we can use the fund to purchase other necessity for the needy and the vulnerable.

Thank you in advance, and a little goes a long way in making a difference for our society!



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1 Comment

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