Heng Swee Keat Out of the Running for Prime Minister Post

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat has announced that he will step aside as the “leader” of the PAP’s 4G team, and ruled himself out of the running for the Prime Minister post.

Heng said that he is making way is due to the need for another younger member of 4G team to take the lead, and eventually become prime minister.

The chief reason, said the 60-year-old, he will be too old and might not be in good health, to take over as prime minister once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, and he will not have a long runway to function in the position.

Heng said that the poor showing of his East Coast GRC team, which won just 53.59 percent of the vote, was not a factor in him stepping aside as leader of the 4G team.

Today’s announcement comes as a shock, seeing that Heng was widely-tipped to become appointed as prime minister.

In 2017, PM Lee said that he was ready to step down as prime minister in “a couple of years” after he had found a successor.

In 2018, DPM Heng was appointed as the PAP’s 1st assistant secretary-general.

He was dubbed “first among equals” by the 4G team abd hailed as their leader.

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