Hospital Bills Increase So Much, but Medisave Cap Remains the Same as 7 Years Ago

DAVID GOH: The Pioneer Generation Package has gone some way towards helping the elderly pay for their outpatient medical treatments.

However, one area may have been overlooked – the cap on how much a person can draw from his Medisave account to cover his hospital bills.

The figure has remained at $450 a day since 2007, even though health-care costs have risen significantly since then.

The amount is not enough to cover the cost of a hospital stay in a B2 ward, with medication and treatment.

This means senior citizens may have to make up the difference in cash, and some could face difficulty in this.

If the cap is raised to $500, it would allow more elderly patients to pay their entire bill using Medisave. This would give them greater peace of mind when they are hospitalised.

Most would rather use their Medisave funds than depend on charity.

This letter was written by David Goh.
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