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Hougang Swab Tests: Why are Suspected Covid-19 Infections Allowed to Roam Freely?

RONALD LEE: It’s safe to say that Singaporeans are pretty aghast that residents of Block 506 Hougang Avenue 8 are allowed to roam wild and free.

The whole purpose of conducting a mass swab test on residents, if I’m not wrong, is because there are suspected cases of Covid-19 infections among residents.

Yet, there’s been no restriction of movement.

That’s scary because the potentially infected could have been roaming around Singapore, creating more clusters.

Even foreign travellers who have tested negative for Covid-19 have to be quarantined.

And, instead of doing door-to-door tests, residents have to queue up at the void deck.

Given the current suspicion by experts that the new Covid-19 variant could be airborne, wouldn’t door-to-door tests be safe and better for residents and the public-at-large?

The worst part of this whole fracas is those inconsistent half-baked measures.

Closing a door but leaving a window open.

These trial-and-error attempts are costing tax dollars.

And you wonder why taxes like GST must go up.

The benefit (or regret) of hindsight comes after sh*t hits the fan.

We’re counting on government leaders to have some semblance of foresight.

Do they?

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