HSA Warning: Weight-Loss Drug Contains Chemicals that could cause Heart Attacks and Seizures

The Health Sciences Authority has warned the public about buying or consuming weight-loss drug “VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex”.

The product label of VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex states that it contains only natural ingredients.

It claims to to deliver “immediate changes after around 7 days and significant results in 21 days”.

However, tests by the health authority showed that the product contains very high levels of a prohibited western medicine, sibutramine, and another potent undeclared western medicine, phenolphthalein.

Phenolphthalein is an obsolete pharmaceutical compound that has laxative effects, while sibutramine is a weight-loss medicine that has been disallowed for sale in Singapore since 2010 due to serious safety concerns associated with cardiovascular risks.

Said the HSA:

“The high levels of sibutramine detected in “VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex” could make it very toxic and cause serious adverse effects such as heart attacks and seizures.”

The HSA has not received any adverse event reports associated with “VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex” in Singapore.

However, the use of other slimming products adulterated with high levels of sibutramine have led to consumers being hospitalised both locally and overseas.



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