HSA Warns: Watch Out for Fake Eye Mo Eye drops that could Cause Blindness!

The Health Sciences Authority has warned that fake Eye Mo eye drops are being sold here and they could cause blindness if used.

Two shops in Singapore were found to have sold counterfeit versions of Eye Mo and Eye Mo Moist.

Eye Mo’s manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline has confirmed that the two products sold by these shops were fake.

The HSA has seized the eye drops, which is says are of “”poor quality with bacterial contamination”.

“Counterfeit eye drops can cause serious harm to users as they are administered directly on the eyes. In this case, the eye drops were contaminated with bacteria, which can cause eye infections and potentially lead to serious complications such as corneal ulcers (open sores in the outer layer of the eye) and blindness. In addition, the use of counterfeit eye drops carries a higher risk of infection if the consumer has had recent ocular surgery or has pre-existing diseases, such as diabetes mellitus.”

The HSA was first alerted to a provision shop selling the fake eye drops in 2015, and since then conducted checks across Singapore.

If you’ve Eye Mo products that fit this description, get rid of them:

Found in pack size of 7.5ml only, while genuine Eye Mo products are available in pack sizes of 7.5ml, 9ml, 15ml and 18ml.
Printed with the following batch numbers and manufacturing date combinations on their bottles and cartons:

-Combination 1 (Eye Mo Regular):
Batch Number: 15106160, Manufacturing Date: 06/03/15

-Combination 2 (Eye Mo Regular):
Batch Number: 15025028, Manufacturing Date: 18/03/15

– Combination 3 (Eye Mo Moist):
Batch Number: 15004105, Manufacturing Date: 30/04/15

The retailers that sold these fake Eye Mo eyedrops are:
-Eskimo Frozen Foods at 36 Chai Chee Avenue.
-H.J. Ventures Pte at 150A Bishan Street 11.



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