“I can see your pubic hair…” Another Woman Accuses YouTuber Eden Ang of Sexual Harassment


Another woman has publicly accused YouTuber Eden Ang of sexual harassment.

This time, it’s former gymnast Nicolette Lim.

Lim said that she was a victim of sexual harassment by Ang back in 2015, but didn’t speak up because she feared that people wouldn’t believe her.

She said that Ang, after viewing meeting Ang on a drama set, she exchanged contacts with him and later received sexually-charged messages:

“I met Eden on a drama set and he asked if I was keen to act in his videos. We exchanged contact numbers via Facebook and it started out with a call from him, explaining how production works; nothing wrong there.

However, it progressed to messages like “You should learn how to sit properly, I can see your underwear that day” (referring to the day I met him on set), “You were wearing a beige underwear right?” “But I can see you shave” “So you like to be clean huh?”

He also knew I was a gymnast from my Facebook photos and told me to send photos of me in splits, to which I felt uncomfortable and told him “they are on Facebook.” He probably viewed my photos and said “I can see your pubic hair.””

Lim said that she was then invited by Ang to audition for a role, and he asked her to send him pictures of herself:

“He then offered me to go to his house to try out for a ‘role’ where I’m required to wear a mini skirt and g-string. When I told him that I do not have a g-string and have never done something like this before, he said “I can bring you to buy a g-string” and “teach you how to wear.” He also asked me to send photos of the skirts I have at home and I stupidly did, which he then commented “not short enough.”

At that point in time, I just wanted the disturbing conversation to end so I used my mother’s name to reject the ‘role’ he was offering. I was relieved when he stopped messaging after. Since I wasn’t going to expose him and keeping the conversation meant a constant reminder of my stupidity (this is a personal feeling), I deleted ALL messages.”

Lim said that she is sharing her story now because she doesn’t want Ang to “continue harassing more girls” and to support those who have stepped forward with their experiences.

This comes after a netizen, “Kuroe Kun”, took to Facebook to accuse Ang of sexually harassing her friend.

Among the things Ang was accused of doing include making her strip her underwear, “slapping her ass”, touching her “inappropriately”.

The girl involved has since spoken up on her Instagram account:

“Hey everyone. My name is Lilith, and I am the victim in the Eden Ang scandal that is currently going on. I haven’t said anything so far because i’ve been scared. no, terrified by what speaking up would mean..for my safety, for my dignity, for my family and for my friends. But enough is enough. It has recently come to light that there had been some discrepancies in the post that my friend had put out. I am here to set the record straight. Everything she said about Eden is true. He did touch me after me repeatedly telling him no, both online and offline.

I will be filing a police report soon and will be unable to further comment on this issue. I encourage every girl out there who may feel the same way as i do, to please, speak out. Even if my coming out with this leads to being harassed and my safety being compromised, if I give courage to even just ONE other girl to stand up for what is right, this all be worth it. thank you for the support most of you have given me. I hope this step I take will be a step for change.”

Ang has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct, saying:

“I did not take advantage of anyone. I recognize that incidents like these often play out in a “he said she said” situation, but my conscience is clear and I have the records to support this. Some have pointed out that I should publicly share details to prove my position. However, I will not be sharing any further details on identity or communications out of respect for everyone’s privacy. Any further discussions can be through the authorities.”


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