Inconsiderate Woman Caught Having Sex in Public Carpark then Peeing at a Corner

If you’re going to do the naughty in public, at least keep the place clean lah (you never know who’ll be coming after you, right?)

This woman was caught having sex with her male lover last night at a multi-storey carpark at Block 268 Boon Lay Drive.

At about 11.30pm, a resident spotted the couple making out in a car, with the man groping her breasts while they kissed.

The couple then reportedly moved to the back seat of the car where they proceeded to have sex.

About 20 minutes later, the woman was seen coming out of the car and peeing at a corner of the carpark.

Just 3 months ago, another couple was caught having sex at a public carpark at Block 306B Canberra Road.

At least that time, no one peed in a public space.



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