The Indomitable Strength of the Singaporean Spirit

UNCLE CHUA– The human spirit, when pressed and hammered, knows no bounds. Men can try to wreck it, but they can never conquer it. Especially, the Singaporean spirit.


Disappointing Politicians – we kick against. We will not stand for our fellow Singaporeans drawing million-dollar salaries while short-changing the rest of the nation. The very people we trust. People at the top – they have lost touch with the ground. They are unable to empathise, much less, sympathise with the plight of the Common Man. Still, we plod along, with the hope that one day we will get our dues.


High Cost of Living – we make do. We tighten our belts, for the benefit of our family, and our children. No matter how much it costs, we do our best to make sure that our loved ones live as comfortably as they can, and know that we love them.


Unfair Deals – we go around them. They can take our CPF, they can take away our benefits, due to us as natural citizens of this land, they can give up our rightful places to foreigners, but they will never take away our belief – the belief that a better future is at hand, If not for us, then at least, for the ones people we care about.


If life gives us lemons, f*ck lemons. We’ll take whatever else we can and make something good out of it. For sure. That’s the Singaporean spirit. We are resilient, we are tough, and we will overcome.


Ex-Prime Minister, Ex-Minister Mentor, Ex-Singaporean leader Lee Kuan Yew said that the spurs must be stuck in the hides of our young, for them to make something of themselves. Mr Lee, the young are simply waiting in the wings.

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