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Indonesia Thanked More than 1 Million Times for “11 Months of Clean Air”

Indonesia has been thanked over 1 million times for the haze problem affecting Southeast Asia, if a certain satirical website is to be believed.

Dubbed “Thank You Indonesia for the Clean Air,” the website allows you to press a button to show your appreciation for the 11 months of haze-free air (and 1 month of haze) that Jusuf Kalla believes Indonesia delivers to the region.

Because just as the Indonesian vice-president says:

“For 11 months, they (our neighbours) enjoyed nice air from Indonesia and they never thanked us. They have suffered because of the haze for one month and they get upset.”

You can even post a message.

Here’s some of the more notable ones:

“All I have to do is leave my marinated chickens outside the house to get it smokey and barbecued. I appreciate it a lot. Thanks Indonesia for burning all the trees and animals down.”
– Thankful and humble

“He is Funny and Meany. He is cross breed between Hitler & Chaplin.”
– My name is Just Kidding

“Dear Indonesia Please consider moving to the west for we want 11 months of your fresh air too.”
– Obama

“My son loves Indonesia! Due to the haze, his eczema got worse and he do not have to go to school!! Thank you Indonesia!!”
– Happy Dad

“We really smelled you this time.”
– A Thankful Singaporean

Got a message for Juju? Pen it here and maybe he might see it once the smog clears.

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