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Instead of Raising GST, Cut Wasteful Government Spending


ELSON: Government spending is bloated with wastefulness and efficiencies. Just look at the Auditor-General reports over the years and you can see how hundreds of millions are wasted. And those are only the ones picked up by the AGO, based on its sample size. How many hundreds of millions more are wasted each year?

In 28 years, GST has risen by 3 times – from 3% to the coming 9%. During this time, the population in Singapore has almost doubled from 3.4 million in 1994. Meanwhile, our CPF Minimum Sum – the amount of money we have locked up – has increased from S$40,000 in 1994 to S$192,000 in 2022.

Shouldn’t the government already have enough money for investment purposes, and generate long-term economies of scale from yearly earnings? Where is all the money going?

It would be a big shame if millions were wasted on scholars trying to “innovate” and pad their CVs, only to yield flop after flop. How many times has anyone here used the SGSecure app? How many of you even remember it exist? And the soon-to-be white elephant TraceTogether…

How about the millions lost to SkillsFuture fraudulent claims that the government is trying to clawback? Just one big fraud case alone cost the government S$40 million, not including others. Great idea, atrocious execution. So much for top scholars at the helm.

How about instead of raising taxes, a proper and thorough review is done first on government spending programmes? At least there is some accountability to the public. For private corporations, there is a need to streamline, cut costs when necessary, spend efficiently, and the CEO is held accountable for wasteful cash burn. For the government, it seems that this is not the case.

The government cannot be allowed to just spend our money profligately, then force us to pay more taxes to fund further wasteful spending.


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