Irresponsible Family Adopts Kitten then Dumps It One Week Later due to Diarrhoea

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: It is our responsibility to post this as it is important that all fosterers/rescuers be aware of this family & this case, in case they try to adopt again.

Also to those who post their cats/kittens up for adoption on Cat Welfare Society website , SPCA Singapore and to Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA). (We will submit a full report once the vet submits her notes to us).

The adopters are Sherna XXX & her daughter Akai XXX XXX of Dover Crescent. They adopted Summer last Saturday & dumped her off today as she developed diarrhoea.

We sat with them & read every clause in the adoption contract to them prior to signing, making sure they understood the lifelong commitment of owning a pet.

Summer was fine when she left, playing with the toys they brought her, she had no diarrhoea prior to adoption.

She was taken to the vet and on the 2nd day, we already received a message from the adopter that she was “lost & tired from washing & cleaning”!?!

The medication was for 5 days, so on the 5th day, Thursday 1 June, the adopter called the vet, Dr Felicia Quek, of Gentle Oak, who told them to stop the medication but to bring her stool sample in on Friday 2 Jun. They never bothered to drop off the sample. They locked Summer in the bathroom for the last 4 days, with NO MEDICAL attention & did not even inform us. They just turned up wanting to dump Summer off today. They do not even know what she is suffering from as they did not even bother to run even ONE TEST.

There was a “family friend” with them, Sam Tan Zi Hao, from Geylang East, who kept interfering & interrupting us when we were taking to the adopter and told us, “not to worry, if AVA charges them with anything, they will have legal council”. He has cats at his home, but apparently, it is ok to abandon a kitten if it has diarrhoea.

The kitten does not have kidney failure, heart disease, nor cancer but … diarrhoea… unbelievable!


We are so happy Summer is back with us, she is eating well & playing with volunteers. She definitely deserves a family who will love her through sickness and in health.

All the documents & vet reports will be submitted to AVA for investigation.

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