IT Manager’s “Wife Conditions” Spark Fury Among Womenfolk

“Want wife or want maid?”

“He think he himself so good ah? Want perfect wife, than you yourself better be perfect first.”

“Siao lang…”

Those were the reactions of among some of the women we spoke to, when asked about the “wife conditions” this 33-year-old IT manager is demanding.

While not exactly the most handsome, charming or super buff among the male gender, the IT manager is at least able to provide well for a family with a monthly salary of $7000.

Looking for love, he says he’s tried dating and even matchmaking services but still can’t find a suitable bride.

The love-seeker currently stays with his parents, and says he saves about 50 percent of his monthly salary.

But women have balked at his terms, which include:

-his friends must approve of her
-eyes cannot be smaller than his
-can cook and do the housework
-bear at least 3 children while exercising regularly to stay in shape

Said undergrad, Michelle:

“It’s not wrong to want the best of both worlds. But you must understand that there’s something called reality. Good luck, the search might take longer than expected.”

Joan, a poly student, was more cutting in her criticism:

“This sounds like a typical MCP (Male Chauvinist Pig) who thinks that just because he’s got a bit of money he can lord over women. We work too, we earn out own keep and we contribute to the household. Just because we’re ‘women’ means we have to wait on our husbands? Fat hope!”

However, some like Esther have defended the lover-seeker, saying love is, well, love:

“Everyone’s needs and wants are different lah. I’m sure there will be someone out there for him. If any girl can fit into your ‘conditions’ than doesn’t matter, any girl also can marry right?”



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