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Job Personality Test: What You See Here Reveals Your Ideal Occupation

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So, what do you see?

Inconsiderate Ang Moh: You are a straightforward fella who has a flair for pointing out the obvious. You are best suited to work as a cabinet minister, so that you can express your “deep concern” about surface issues.

Man Picking Nose: You pay attention to details and take note of things that others might miss out. You are suitable for a job as an opposition politician or a violent taxi driver – roles which require you to nitpick and slap the bugger next to you to “cut that shit out”.

Handphone Sniper: Congratulations, you can see things which most people cannot see. As the saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together” so you can possibly also spot and fix people. We hear the ISD is hiring.

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