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Johor Sex Attack: Pervert Strips and Flashes Chio Bu then Punches Her in the Face

14 stiches to her face – that’s what 20-year-old Rochell Waynee Ubong received after she was viciously attacked by a sex pervert in Johor Bahru.

The incident took place in front of her house in the Tanjung Puteri Indah area.

The private school student had just come home from an outing with friends.

“When I arrived in front of my house, a man in his 30s appeared. What shocked me was that the man took off his trousers and flashed his privates. I was stunned and tried to run into the house but he yanked my handbag. He then proceeded to hit me in the face three times.”

Rochell’s parents heard her screams and rushed to her help, but the pervert had run off by then.

She has since lodged a police report about the incident.

“I’m still traumatised by the incident and it happened so fast. I just want the public, especially women, to be extra careful whenever they walk alone.”

If you go kai kai in Johor and expect to be walking alone ladies, consider bringing a pair of scissors?

Or maybe a pair of garden shears, because we’re not sure what shapes and sizes the perverts possess.



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