Kids Beware: Lee Bee Wah Hints at Removing Cleaners from Schools to Enforce Clean Behaviour

She’s a convert – not by Kong Hee, but by the Taiwanese system of enforcing cleanliness.

And in addition to encouraging a culture “reward people who ‘bao toh’ litterbugs”, Nee Soon GRC MP Lee Bee Wah is also considering proposing that schools stop hiring cleaners.

That’s part of a multi-prong approach to weed out littering, which is currently practised in Taipei, said Ms Lee in a radio interview with ONE FM.

“If Taiwan can do it, why not Singapore?”

Ms Lee said that in Taiwan, schools aren’t given budgets to hire cleaners.

Because of that, students are trained from young to clean the classrooms and toilets, and they’re also taught how to recycle.

But isn’t Singapore a clean and green city?

Not at all if it weren’t for our army of cleaners, says Ms Lee.

“It is a cleaned city thanks to an army of cleaners. For five million people in Singapore, we have 70,000 cleaners. In Taipei, there are three million people and 5,000 cleaners.”

Backing her statement, she referred to Nee Soon South’s first ever No Cleaner Day 3 years ago where no cleaners were deployed for a day, and volunteers were tasked with helping to clean up the mess the day after.

“The first time, we picked up 1,340kg of litter in a day.”

A good idea then, to enforce the concept of picking up after yourself from a school-going age by getting rid of cleaners?

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