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Are these Murali Goodies Enough to Win Over Bukit Batok Residents?

“I will not be muzzled. We must do more than what the government is already doing in some areas.”

So PAP candidate Murali “Ah Mu” Pillai has stood up and said he is his own man, despite whispers that he’s been overshadowed during the Bukit Batok by-election campaign behind PM Lee, DPM Tharman, and other more prominent PAP Mps.

The fulltime lawyer has put forward a slew of plans which will benefit resident,s if he delivers.

These are what he proposes.

 (1) Youth Mentorship Programme

Engaging a pool of volunteers to mentor and inspire students, with the aim being to help children remain on the straight and narrow and maximise their potential.

(2) Healthcare Cooperative

To tend to the needs of the elderly, Murali has suggested a healthcare cooperative in which he will work with non-profit organization The Good Life Cooperative to give residents regular health screenings and check-ups at their doorstep by means of mobile clinics.

(3) Job Placement Programme

A programme that will tap on Murali’s network and contacts of people in the community to match retrenched workers to potential jobs.

(4) Emergency Button Scheme

Another plan which emphasizes on the needs of the elderly, especially those living alone. Elderly residents can press an emergency button installed which will raise alarm and alert community volunteers to any emergency.

(5) Support of Jurong-Clementi Town Council

Look around the PAP walkabouts in Bukit Batok and you’ll see Mr Tharman, Ms Low Yen Ling, Mdm Halimah (but no David Ong lah). They’re all there to back Murali and our DPM has also said that Bukit Batok will enjoy the support of the Jurong-Clementi town council should he win, which is what residents would have gotten if Bukit Batok wasn’t carved out from Jurong GRC in GE2015.

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