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Backbencher’s Bite: PAP’s Coffeeshop MP Ang Wei Neng

Apart from the weekly meet-the people session (MPS), Jurong GRC MP Ang Wei Neng brings himself to his residents by holding a “mobile MPS” – he visits a different coffeeshop each month to hear their concerns.

“Some of the residents may not be able to make it to MPS due to their working hours, so they could meet me at the coffeeshop instead,” said Mr Ang, 47.

This “mobile MPS” complements and reinforces his weekly house visits and MPS.

Straightforward issues like cleanliness, items blocking the corridor, or dim lights are noted and brought to the town council’s notice.

More than 3,300 feedback have been received during those house/coffeeshop visits, besides the MPS cases.

Mr Ang personally leads a team to ensure various agencies follow-up with the feedback received.

Residents with more complicated problems might be asked to meet him at the MPS.


Caring for the needy

Ever since residents moved into the two Jurong East rental blocks a couple of years ago, we have been working hard to assist them. With the help of generous donors, we started Project Hand-in-Hand where these residents could redeem free food and essential household items every month as long as they could keep their front yard clean.

They could redeem double or triple the value, up to $360 a month, if they volunteer for community service at their precinct.

This is a unique scheme and a first in Singapore to help the needy.

Happy days for residents

Previously, some residents had to walk almost 800m to take a bus to Lakeside MRT as the sole feeder service serving them only connects to Jurong East MRT, which is further away. We mapped out a new bus route to Lakeside MRT which is nearer for these residents, something which has pleased them.

One advantage as an MP who works with a transport provider is the opportunity to be a conduit between the government, the transport provider and the residents to come up with a win-win-win solution for all.

Jurong Central flats will turn 30 in 2015. We plan to hold a monthly celebration from April to August 2015. They could include a Walking Down the Memory Lane exhibition, street party, a simultaneous vertical marathon at 50 HDB blocks and other events, with ideas from the residents.

We will ask them to contribute photographs of Jurong when they first moved in, to ignite the memory of older residents and let younger or newer residents see what it was like, that they can have an emotional connection to the place.

Family fellowship

I’m thankful to my wife, who has been understanding about the demands of my work.

She worked part time for seven years to take care of our four children – 13-year-old twin boys, a 14-year old son with special needs and a 17-year-old daughter.

We have regular family fellowship to share about issues we face at work or school. They are useful for us to understand what the children are going through, and for us to impart to them the values we hold dear.


This article is courtesy of the PAP. The original article can be found here.


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