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Hooray, PAP Fanatics are Out to Defame and Destroy Chee Soon Juan.

JOSH: Is Dr Chee Soon Juan getting to be a fearsome force in Bukit Batok? The chances of him winning are a long shot, but even that has scared the mythical “PAP Internet Brigade” into action. This is how how some of these fanatics are trying to discredit him online.

I wonder, can this can be considered as defamation? Roy Ngerng compares PM Lee to City Harvest church, and implies that the PM may be corrupt and gets a big fine. Here, this Jason guy goes on to make so many unsubstantiated accusations against Dr Chee to besmirch his character, and even accuses the SDP of “breeding” ISA detainees. Just because they joined the party doesn’t mean the party “bred” them to become like that, right? Isn’t this character assassin just as, if not more “malicious” than Roy’s writings?


I think these PAP fanatics are just very lucky that people like Dr Chee don’t resort to those kind of “sue you until you bankrupt” tactics. But it doesn’t mean they should be allowed to adopt a devil-may-care hooligan attitude and do as they please.

The good thing is at least we know that even the ruling party end is worried that Dr Chee might actually have a chance in Bukit Batok. Hooray.

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