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Indranee Rajah Attacks Worker’s Party for “Flip-Flopping”

Ms Indranee Rajah has implied in parliament that the Worker’s Party (WP) lacked integrity in running its town council. The Senior Minister of State for Education and Law also implied that the WP has flip-flopped on its position on issues.


Sparking this – WP chief Low Thia Kiang’s call for building a political culture amongst Singaporean youth. Mr Low said he supports President Tony Tan Keng Yam’s call for constructive politics. He said that a mature democracy requires building political values in our young.


Mr Low, who’s the MP for Aljunied GRC, called up for a political culture where there’s no bullying or fear. He advocated that impartial institutions that people can trust be set up.


“We must all remember constructive politics does not happen by the order of the government, nor does it happen through a national conversation or public consultation,” said Low.

He added that if Singaporeans continue to support a government party that uses “high-handed” tactics against its political opponents, they would be endorsing a bullying political culture.
Mr Low said, “If the people support a governing party that uses governmental resources, including civil servants, to serve its partisan goals, we are condoning the abuse of political power as an acceptable culture.”
Mr Low added that punishing opposition voters will breed a culture of divisive politics. He said that the political incumbent will build a “self-serving” political culture if it uses all legal means to stay in power.


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