KEECHIUGATE: Maverick who Leaked Chan Chung Sing’s “Xia Suay” Rant Possibly Identified

In the light of the recent Keechuigate “Xia Suay” rant by Minister for Trade and Industry Maj-Gen Chan Chun Sing, speculation abounds over the identity of the person who had the gall – or stupidity – to splash the audio recording in the public eye,

The meeting took place between Maj-Gen Chan and members of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), and it looks like the Ministry of Manpower could already have identified the perpetrator of the leak.

Speaking in parliament on Thursday (26Feb), Manpower Minister Josephine Teo said that there is a “right way” and a “wrong way” for companies to manage the problem of redundant staff.

Citing a meeting with a business-owner, she said:

“An employer claimed she was recently told by MOM to lay off employees, much against her wishes. This sounded really odd to me. It turns out the employer did not tell the full story.”

That “employer” sounds uncannily like a certain business-owner who spoke up at the Keechiugate meeting with Maj-Gen Chan.

In the leaked audio recording, the business-owner is heard saying:

“I actually try to talk to Ministry of Manpower… I agree with what you say. We should think after this critical period. How we better groom up our business. I mean the turnover. All these things. But then MOM was saying to me that if let’s say you’re not able to retain the staff then let them go.”

Maj-Gen Chan told the business-owner to calm down, but was met with this response:

“I don’t want to sack my staff, but MOM was asking me to sack my staff.”

Speculation abounds till today as to the identity of the business-owner who leaked the Keechiugate audio recording.

But putting two and two together, perhaps the Manpower Ministry has already figured out maverick’s identity?



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