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Kwa Kim Li Fined for Lying to LKY’s Kids, Leaking Confidential Info to PM Lee

Kwa Kim Li, the late Lee Kuan Yew’s former lawyer has been found guilty by a Disciplinary Tribunal of lying to and misleading the chosen executors of the late LKY’s estate, and leaking confidential information to the Prime Minister, who has a personal interest in the estate.

Kwa is the Managing Partner of Lee and Lee, Advocates and Solicitors and touted as one of the top property lawyers in Singapore.

When it comes to family, she is the cousin to the Lee siblings – Lee Hsien Loong, Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Wei Ling.

Of the three, daddy LKY only appointed Hsien Yang and Wei Ling and executors of his estate.

Lee Hsien Yang sent an email on 22 June 2015, which contained a request for information relating to the circumstances leading to the execution of LKY’s 7th will.

In her email response, Kwa withheld related information by leaving out her communications with LKY between November 2013 and Dec 13, 2013.

But in those communications, LKY did mention that he wanted some changes made to his will, and Kwa acknowledge this.

Besides, misleading Lee Hsien Yang, she also lied to him that LKY did not instruct her to change his will, and that she learnt about the 7th will from others.

Kwa was also found guilty of leaking confidential information to prime minister Lee Hsien Loong in a 4th June 2015 email.

Without the consent of LKY’s 2 children who were appointed executors of his estate she disclosed:
-5 of LKY’s wills which she prepared
-explanations as to why LKY changed his previous Wills
-email trails between LKY and her from 11th December 2011 to 2nd November 2012

Yesterday, the Tribunal ruled that Kwa’s actions amounted to misconduct unbefitting of an advocate and solicitor as an officer of the Supreme Court.

She was fined S$5,000 penalty for failing to “scrupulously safeguard” LKY’s confidentiality while handling his will; and S$8,000 for misleading the executors of LKY’s estate.

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