Lawrence Wong Slams Opposition MPs: Not “Upfront”, Proposals “Do Not Add Up”

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong slammed opposition MPs yesterday during the debate on the President’s address in parliament.

Wong, who has been widely tipped to become Singapore’s next prime minister, said that the fundamental difference between the PAP and the opposition is that the opposition’s proposals “do not add up”.

He was referring to alternative proposals regarding raising revenue and maintaining a balanced budget.

He cited the GST increase as an example, saying there would be a huge gap in funding government spending if the tax hike had not gone ahead.

Wong said that he hoped to hear “concrete alternatives from the Opposition and not just opportunistic or populist ideas”

“That’s how politics in a first-world parliament should work.”

He added that the opposition should be upfront about its policies and intentions and the trade-offs Singapore will face as a result of its proposals

“As we develop into a mature democracy, we must have not just a serious Government, but also a serious Opposition that thinks carefully about what it will do as government.”

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