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Letters: Only Competition will Force the PAP to Up Their Standards


HONG DA: If you’re a Bukit Batok resident like me, you’ll realise that over the past one month there’s been many PAP MPs milling about. I’ve seen Low Yen Ling, PM Lee and Tharman in this short span of time. Even at night, I get to shake hands with the MPs and volunteers at the coffeeshop when dabao-ing food. Have you ever seen this in your own constituency? Maybe once in a year, hopefully!

This makes me recall Aljunied GRC in 2011. When George Yeo and his merry men and women got kicked out, the PAP tried all means to win it back. AHPETC saga aside, you see Victor Lye and the current Bukit Batok “Ah Mu” going around and actually getting their hands dirty with ground work. If they wore blue, you would mistake them for WP MPs!

That’s why it’s so important to vote in a good opposition. It keeps the ruling party in check at the top level in parliament, and at the bottom level of estate management. Without competition, the PAP gets lazy and we will suffer. Get an opposition in and you’ll see them dao kah chiu even more!

It’s like driving on the road. When you signal to change lane, the driver in the other lane will sure speed up and not let you cut. That’s the Singaporean way. I think it’s the same for MPs. If you want the PAP to do better, then you need a handful of opposition to make them wake up and speed up. Otherwise, we will suffer just like we suffered before 2011.


Thank you Hong Da for this letter.

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