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Lim Tean Wants to Ban Pink Dot and Make Women do Baby-sitting for NS? No, It’s a Fake PVP Page

Even before his People’s Voice Party has been officially formed, outspoken local politician Lim Tean has already come under attack.

A fake People’s Voice Party Facebook page has been setup, supposedly for the purpose of discrediting Lim and the PVP.

Some of the things propagated in the fake PVP’s manifesto include the banning of Pink Dot, making women do baby-sitting and tailoring for National Service, and removing GST while implementing a 10 percent Sales and Service Tax in its place.

The fake PVP page also calls for Lim to be made Prime Minister, political activist Han Hui Hui to be appointed and Minister for Youth and Culture, and the relegation of Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Dr Chee Soon Juan to positions of “advisors”.

Oh yes, and…

Lim has called the fake PVP page a “desperate ploy by those who wish to sow confusion among the public” and disrupt the current negotiations among opposition leaders to form a coalition.

Said Lim:

“It speaks volumes about the pathetic quality of our opponents, when they have to dscend to such despicable and underhanded measures!”

The persons behind the fake PVP page and their motives are unclear at this point of time.



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