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Mee Mee Gives a Helping Hand

MP for West Coast GRC Ms Foo Mee Har shares the case of one of her residents who was helped through a very difficult time by the community around her.

Madam J’s husband was in prison, leaving her to care for their two young children alone. The community rallied around her to help make her 2-room HDB flat more comfortable by installing necessary fixtures such as window grills and providing mattresses.

Madam J recently visited Ms Foo at her Meet The People Session (MPS) to express her thanks to the members of the community who had supported her. Ms Foo’s post on the case is as follows:

‘MP, 我们已经好了!’

Madam J came to MPS last night to tell me the good news that her husband has finally been released from prison, her family is together again and that he has even gotten his old job back!

Madam J’s family recently moved into a new 2-room flat in our estate, but with her husband in jail, they could not afford even basic renovations to make it comfortable. She was caring alone for two young children (one 3-year-old and one eight-month-old), and was at her wit’s end.

During this difficult time, we helped Madam J obtain financial assistance. The community at large also rallied around to support her with acts of kindness, from installing a new kitchen and window grilles, to providing mattresses and even helping to change light bulbs. This support made her family feel safe and comfortable, and got her through her darkest days.

Now that it is clear how her family’s life has been ‘reset’, she wanted to express her gratitude to the community for their generosity and big-heartedness. Madam J’s visit really made my evening, and was a wonderful reminder of the genuine warmth that exists in our neighbourhood.


This article is courtesy of the People’s Action Party. The original article can be found here.

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