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New Kid on the Block: Who’s Part of the Singaporeans First Party?

The 11 founding members of SFP are:

  1. Dr Ang Yong Guan, psychiatrist and ex-grassroots leader
  2. Michael Chia, retired engineer and volunteer social worker
  3. Fahmi Rais, communications professional and ex-Young PAP and Legislative Assistant
  4. Fatimah Akhtar, architect
  5. Dr David Foo Ming Jin, chemist, logistics professional and ex-Young PAP
  6. Jamie Lee Swee Yan, certified SAP IT professional and project manager
  7. Winston Lim, architect and town planner
  8. Dr Loke Pak Hoe, Director of 3 multinational educational companies
  9. Tan Jee Say, financial adviser, ex-civil servant, banker and fund manager
  10. David Tan L K, educationist, and ex-grassroots leader
  11. Tan Peng Ann, social entrepreneur, retired SAF officer and ex-PAP grassroots leader

The new party is made up of passionate Singaporeans who want to see the country put its citizens first.


Many of the founders have been active politically and within the community.


Of the 11:

  • 8 are ex-civil servants
  • 6 are ex-scholars
  • 5 are ex-grassroots leaders
  • 3 are ex-PAP members


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