“PAP 2.0” with Added Woes: Are Elitism and Factionalism Splitting the PSP?

The Progress Singapore Party appears to be on course to become “PAP 2.0” – with a lot more problems added to the mix.

Complaints of elitism and factionalism are reportedly causing rifts within the party.

The latest casualty, it seems, is vice-chairman Michelle Lee.

Lee joined the PSP when the party launched last year and was promoted to the vice-chairman post last month.

But, the potential Queen of the West bade the PSP a bitter goodbye on Monday (2 Mar).

Lee was reportedly angry at the appointment of new “elite” members into key positions in the PSP.

Supposedly among the “elite” appointments she was upset with include new party assistant secretary-general Leong Mun Wai.

Coupled with PSP member Alex Tan’s recent leaked comments in which he called opposition leaders captains of sinking boats, the PSP has been saddled with labels such as “a party for the elite” and “PAP 2.0”.

Top circle elitism aside, disgruntled former PSP members also speak of division within lower rungs of the party based on social class, and even age.

The PSP has yet to release a statement addressing the reports of elitism and factionalism.


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