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PAP Suicide Squad Leader Says He Doesn’t Agree with All of PAP’s Policies, But…

Victor Lye, the leader of the PAP’s “suicide squad” in Aljunied GRC, says he doesn’t agree with all of the PAP’s policies.

However, he added that in spite of that, he believes that the party is working for the long term good of Singapore.

Lye, a chartered financial analyst who earned a First Class Honours degree in Economics, threw his weight behind former Aljunied running mate Murali “Ah Mu” Pillai, who’s now contesting in the Bukit Batok by-election.

He urged voters not to vote for the opposition just for the sake of voting against the government.

“I have worked with Murali in Aljunied GRC. He is humble, sincere and caring. Having spent 16 years serving the community in Bukit Batok, lastly as PAP Branch Secretary, he stepped aside when a new PAP MP was elected following the passing of former MP Ong Chit Chung. When called, he came to Aljunied when few dared to come.

Murali has proven his mettle standing with our team in GE2015. I hope we do not vote for an opposition for the sake of an opposition. Indeed, no ruling political party should ever think it is above the people or that it had the right to rule just because it has done well. I felt this in my gut just like many other fellow Singaporeans before GE2011. I strongly felt the need to connect better with our people by communicating better and walking the ground.

I am heartened that following GE2011, the PAP has changed course. As a member of the PAP, I do not agree with all its policies. But I know this. The PAP cares about the overall good of our people. It is not perfect. I know enough first hand that the PAP will work for the long term good of Singapore. But this can only be done if we elect the right heart with the right mind into Parliament.

This is the only way Singapore can be special in a world that is far bigger than our island, an accidental nation, a little red dot.

I am not against opposition, but I am against opposition for the sake of it. I am against the notion that Singapore politics should be the same as other countries.

Politics is not a sport. Worse, it is not a spectator sport where the crowd cries for blood or where the gladiators are expected to fight for the sake of sick entertainment. We are better than that. Singapore’s reality is such that if we had normal politics right from our independence, we will not have the pleasure of seeking opposition for the sake of opposition today. We will likely have the misery of the masses instead.

Sadly, I worry. Despite our sacrifices trudged daily, I still come across those who say they appreciate our sacrifice in serving despite not being in Parliament, but vote for the opposition because they want to check the PAP. It pains me to meet those who think we work in opposition wards because we are paid to do so. They are surprised that we are full volunteers on the ground without any form of remuneration. Worse, some try to play off the opposition against us in order to squeeze effort on personal and selfish agendas. Why do such people think Singapore politics should become like other countries? We should never be normal in that sense. Singapore will become sub-par. Singapore must remain special. And it starts with our politics. Choose the right heart with the right mind into Parliament.

We are all human. It is difficult to trudge on, knowing that some will vote opposition for the sake of opposition despite our uphill effort. Even as you ignore the few of us in Aljunied, do not ignore the right heart and right mind of Murali. Our Aljunied team humbly offer Murali as the parliamentary candidate for the people of Bukit Batok. He is returning to where he came. Value him. Keep Singapore special. Don’t forget us in Aljunied.”



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