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PAP “Terror Tactics” Continue: Town Councils are Toothless if Gahmen Doesn’t Approve Upgrading Plans

The PAP has done Bukit Batok voters and all Singaporeans a favour by openly and unequivocally clarifying how the process of estate upgrading really works.

The party issued a statement saying town councils can SUGGEST, but its ultimately the government that gives the money, and approves funds for upgrading.

This comes in response to the SDP’s accusations of “unethical” behaviour by PAP candidate Murali Pillai, who claimed that Bukit Batok residents will only get their S$1.9 million upgrading package if he gets elected.

Said the PAP:

“The government funds approved NRPs (Neighbourhood Renewal Programmes) after they are proposed by town councils. And the town councils are responsible for implementing the NRPs from start to finish.”

This means that the government can choose to withhold funds if it does not see eye to eye with upgrading plans proposed by a SDP-run town council.

That puts in jeopardy Dr Chee Soon Juan’s plans for a town council led by experts in their respective fields working on feedback from residents through regular consultation sessions.

It also means a SDP-run town council could be a paper tiger that growls but is toothless unless the government provides it with dentures.

The carrot-and-stick approach has traditionally been used by the ruling party to prompt voters to poll in their favour.

Bukit Batok residents will make their decision on 7 May.



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