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PAP’s Next Potential Candidate for Jurong GRC Looks and Feels Like a Tharman II

Is it possible to replicate a Tharman Shanmugaratnam – a professional who possesses a soft charm, someone who works quietly and gets things done?

Maybe not, but Dr Hamid Razak comes close enough, even in physical appearance.

Dr Hamid has been spotted walking the ground in Jurong GRC with PAP members and grassroots folks.

A consultant who specialises in Orthopaedic Surgery (leg broken need help kind of doctor), Dr Hamid is also currently a Senior Adviser to Jurong GRC Grasroots Organisations (Jurong Spring).

Unlike a certain Dr Janil, this doctor did serve his national service and was even awarded the Sword of Merit.

Jurong GRC is now functioning short of one MP after Tharman left to run for the presidential election.

The current MPs for Jurong are Dr Tan Wu Meng, Rahayu Binte Mahzam, and newcomers from GE2020 Xie Yao Quan and Shawn Huang.

Since none of them are full ministers, it’s uncertain which one of them can step up to fill Tharman’s shoes as “anchor minister” if Dr Hamid joins the fray.

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