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PE2023: Cryptic Photo Posted by Tan Cheng Bock Suggests Support for Tan Kin Lian

“We still have one chance for change” said Progress Singapore Party Chairman Dr Tan Cheng Bock in a Facebook post yesterday.

That post has gotten many Singaporeans excited at the prospect that Dr Tan has thrown his weight behind 2023 Presidential Election candidate Tan Kin Lian.

This is due to little easter eggs hidden in the photo, hinting at support for a particular candidate not explicitly named.

One of them is the book “100 Inspiring Rafflesians”.

This is believed to allude to Tan Kin Lian, since he is the only one amongst the 3 candidates who studied at Raffles Institution.

Another notable book is “Neither Civil Nor Servant: The Philip Yeo Story”.

Yeo was formerly chairman of Singapore’s Economic Development Board, and known more for his maverick ways instead of behaving like a typical bureaucratic public servant.

It’s believed that Dr Tan displayed that book to show that he did not support Tharman or Ng Kok Song, both of whom were formerly public servants and qualified for PE2023 under the public sector track.

Tan Kin Lian qualified under the private sector track, and was never a public servant throughout his career.

“One Chance for Change” was to be the campaign slogan for presidential aspirant George Goh.

However, Goh was deemed ineligible by the PEC as he did not meet the private sector deliberative track requirements.

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