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PE2023: Former PSP CEC Member and Tan Cheng Bock’s Personal Assistant Joins Tan Kin Lian’s Team

First, PSP founder Dr Tan Cheng Bock shares a cryptic photo in which he appears to support Tan Kin Lian for the presidency.

Now, former PSP Central Executive Committee member and personal assistant to Dr Tan, Alex Tan Tiong Hee, has joined Tan Kin Lian’s campaign team.

Short of a formal statement of support from the PSP, is the party endorsing Tan Kin Lians’s candidacy?

Explaining his decision to join forces with Tan Kin Lian, Alex Tan said:

“The ship of democracy is sinking! But alas – the gift of heaven that gave forth the manna to the hungry and dying Israelites – has come to salvage so fortuitously a lifeboat in Tan Kin Lian. Phew! Why not? So that’s how I re-opened my friendship with Kin Lian – and our lifeboat!”

That is strong praise, coming from Alex Tan, since he had once described the leaders of smaller opposition parties as “Captains of Sinking Ships.”

Alex Tan was referring to fringe parties such as the People’s Power Party led by Goh Meng Seng, and SingFirst led by Tan Jee Say.

Interestingly, Goh and Tan Jee Say are now part of Tan Kin Lian’s team.

Alex Tan played a key role in helping Dr Tan Cheng Bock form the PSP, and was a founding member of the party.

He also supported Dr Tan during the 2011 Presidential Election, and was helping with preparations for PE2017 until changes to the Constitution saw Dr Tan fail to meet the new qualifying criteria to contest.

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