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PM Lee Urges Support for 4G Leaders: “Support a Government that Works Hard and Works Well For You”

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has called on the Singaporean public to support the 4G PAP leaders in government.

Speaking in parliament on Tues (18 Apr), he commended the 4G ministers for playing a key role and in managing the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I ask you to give Lawrence and the 4G ministers your fullest support. I ask you to give them your full support for now as members of my team, but in due course when they take over the reins as the next leadership for Singapore.”

PM Lee said that having leaders who are capable, dedicated and trustworthy stewards is crucial, and that Singapore has a good reputation because people know that the “Singapore system” works.

“Our leaders speak with the mandate and authority to deliver on what they say because they enjoy the support and confidence of the people.”

He added that he and his older colleagues have prepared a strong and capable next team to take over.

Calling Singaporeans to elect leaders who can take the country forward, he said:

“Help me make this leadership renewal a success for Singapore and for you. Show your support for a government that works hard and works well for you.”

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