Potong Pasir Next Battleground for Lim Tean and People’s Voice Party?

Lim Tean and members of his People’s Voice Party did a walkabout at Potong Pasir over the weekend, sparking speculation that the party will contest the SMC in the next General Election.

That will put the party at odds with the Singapore People’s Party, which has contested the SMC since 1997.

The SPP, led by then-chairman Jose Raymond, won just 33 percent of the votes during GE2020.

A three-corned fight with the PVP could ensue if current SPP acting-chairman Williiamson Lee or sec-gen Steve Chia decide to once again contest.

During the weekend walkabout, Lim said that the PVP held discussions with residents, who spoke of the hardships they faced due to rising cost of living.

Criticising the GST hike that took place earlier this year, Lim said in a Facebook post:

“The most heart-rendering account came from a young couple with 2 very young children. They find milk powder in Singapore too expensive. Every few weeks they have to undertake the arduous journey to Johor Bahru to buy essentials and milk powder for their family. They also told us about senior citizens who they know, who cannot afford food, and are having to resort to drinking milk made from milk powder to satiate their hunger. We told them to advise these elderly citizens to seek the assistance from the food banks.”

Lim also took a shot at current Potong Pasir MP Sitoh Yi Pin, criticising him for “strongly” advocating for the rise in GST.

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