Potong Pasir Resident Wants to Leave Singapore for Good because of Election Result Disappointment

Fed up with the results of the recent General Election, a Potong Pasir resident apparently wants to quit Singapore.

This was reported by Tan Lam Siong, the former NSP secretary-general who quit the party and planned to contest in Potong Pasir SMC as an independent candidate.

Tan, who subsequently pulled out of the Potong Pasir race before the election, said in a blog post:

“A resident in Potong Pasir told me that he was very disappointed at the results of the recent general election and was planning to leave Singapore for good. In response, I expressed my strong disappointment at his plan and urged him to stay.”


The September polls saw the incumbent PAP winning 69 percent of the votes in Singapore – a 10 percent increase from the last election in 2011.

Sitoh Yih Pin, the PAP’s candidate for Potong Pasir, also increased his winning margin over the SPP’s Lina Chiam.

He won by 66.4 percent of the vote, compared to 50.4 percent in 2011.


Tan has encouraged Singaporeans to accept the results of the election, even if they are unhappy with the PAP’s win.

“General elections are a part of the political renewal process that happens once every 5 years or so. The result of the recent election is already an established fact and the higher the votes for the winning party, the greater will be the voters’  expectation of its performance. The new cabinet has just been installed and how it performs will be closely watched. Hopes are running high after SG50 and everyone should rally together after the elections and put aside their political differences. Rather than being pessimistic because many issues seem unresolved as yet, we should learn to be optimistic and hope that the government will have learnt from its past mistakes and address the many issues that bug ordinary Singaporeans.”

He also extolled the virtues of Singapore, and our “incorruptible” government:

“Singapore is a beautiful place. A small, tropical island with no natural calamities, except the seasonal haze because of the fires in Indonesia which is aggravating. An enlightened government with a responsible citizenry would be all that we need to make this country a modern paradise and the happiest nation in the world. Many foreigners aspire to live and work in Singapore and if Singaporeans should leave one after another, they can be sure that there will be more new citizens. As it is, Singaporeans are not producing enough children and that has been a justification for adding a large number of new citizens each year. If this continues, the Singaporean identity and culture that we know, will eventually disappear.

Besides, billions of dollars in national reserves have been accumulated over the last 50 years. Unlike many small countries, Singapore has a strong financial safety net that will help her weather the storms ahead. Every Singaporean has a stake in the national reserves which is still accumulating. For as long as our government remains incorruptible and financially prudent, and the formulation and implementation of national policies are able to imbue greater confidence in our future as a nation and not just as an economy, there is still a lot that Singapore and Singaporeans can achieve and be proud of.

So stay and do your part.”

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