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Pritam Singh: Leon and Nicole Lied about Affair, Both Resigned After Leaked Video

Leon Perera and Nicole Seah lied back in 2020-2021 that they were not having an affair.

But the naughty Workers’ Party couple resigned this week after a leaked video showed them behaving intimately at a fancy restaurant.

WP secretary-general announced the pair’s resignation this afternoon in a press conference.

Mr Singh said that sometime between late 2020 and earl 2021, he was informed by Mr Perera’s driver via WhatsApp that the two had been going to hotels and restaurants very often, and had also been seen hugging each other and holding hands.

He said that at that time, there was “no evidence or corroborating information to support the allegation” by the driver.

He asked Mr Perera, who denied allegations that he was having an extra-marital affair with Ms Seah.

Mr Perera also told him that he had an ongoing dispute with the driver and was going to sack him.

The driver went on to inform other WP members about the two lovebirds.

Other Central Executive Committee (CEC) members approached Ms Seah and Mr Perera, and they denied the allegations.

Said Mr Singh:

“When they received these messages from Leon’s driver, all of them sought to verify these allegations with Leon. Leon told them that there was no truth to these allegations.”

On Monday (17 Jul), the video of a dinner date between Mr Perera and Ms Seah surfaced.

Mr Singh said that it was the first time that he and other party members had seen the video.

He approached Mr Perera and Ms Seah separately and both admitted to having an affair.

They told him that the affair started after the 2020 General Election, but that it had stopped some time ago.

Ms Seah resigned from the party yesterday, while Mr Perera resigned today.

Commenting on the affair, Mr Singh said:

“The Constitution of the Workers’ Party requires candidates to be honest and frank in their dealings with the party and the people of Singapore.”

“Leon’s conduct and not being truthful when asked by the party leadership about the allegations fell short of the standards expected of WP MPs. This is unacceptable. Had he not offered his resignation, I would have recommended to the CEC that he be expelled from the party.”

“From the moment the party was made aware of the video, we moved as quickly as we could, bearing in mind that we needed to be fair to everyone, get to the bottom of matters and put things right.”

Mr Perera is the WP MP for Aljunied GRC and heads the party’s media team, while Ms Seah is the president of the youth wing.

Both of them are a part of the WP’s CEC.

Ms Seah, 36, is married and had her second child in April 2022.

Mr Perera, 53, is married with two children.

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