PSP Elects New CEC, Decision Time on New Secretary-General

The Progress Singapore Party has elected its new 12-member Central Executive Committee.

New additions to the CEC include Jeffrey Khoo, Nadarajah Loganathan, A’bas Kasmani and Chika Tan.

Current secretary-general Francis Yuen has stepped down from this post, but will remain a party member.

Vice-chairman Wang Swee Chuang and youth wing leader Jess Chua have also stepped down from the CEC.

The party is set to decide on a new sec-gen and other appointments within the week.

All are eyes are on whether NCMP Leong Mun Wai will be promoted to the sec-gen post.

Leong was the party’s assistant sec-gen prior to becoming a NCMP.

He relinquished his post due to party protocol of NCMPs not taking up key appointments.

Many are expecting Poa to replace Wang and assume the vice-chair post – the position she held prior to becoming a NCMP.

This is the lineup of the PSP’s new CEC:

(1) Tan Cheng Bock
(2) Ang Yong Guan
(3) Leong Mun Wai
(4) Hazel Poa
(5) Harish Pillay
(6) Peggie Chua
(7) Phang Yew Huat
(8) Wendy Low
(9) A’bas Bin Kasmani
(10) Jeffrey Khoo
(11) Nadarajah Loganathan
(12) Chika Tan

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