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“Return My CPF” Kopitiam Lao Hero Goes Viral

“If the government continues to withhold my CPF savings, will I get to see it before I pass away?”

This kopitiam lao hero has gone viral online after being featured in a Singapore Democrats video.

In a 2 minute long rant (in this trimmed video), he explained that the elderly, if given access to their CPF savings, can help their children build better lives.

“We can use the CPF savings to help our children start a small business, for example set up a coffeeshop… They can at least have some form of security and don’t need to fret about tough jobs like being a driver…”

A worrying trend in Singapore, one that also been highlighted in parliament, is the rise in the number of young people working as private-hire drivers.

Speaking further about the hardships facing Singaporean youth, the lao hero said that it is tough for them to start a family in Singapore today.

“Once they buy a house, the savings become zero right away. Then start saving again, get married and savings will become zero again. You dare to have children? Who dares?”

When asked about child subsidies offered by the government, lao hero indignantly responded:

“A woman getting pregnant is a commitment forever!”

Singapore has consistently been named by international research organisations as the most expensive city in the world to live in.

The nation’s birth rate for citizens is threatening to dip below 1 child per couple.


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