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RW INSIDER: PSP to Replace Almost Half of CEC at Upcoming Party Leadership Election

The PSP looks set to replace fill its CEC with a host of new faces as it heads into the party conference next week to elect a new leadership team.

A list has been distributed to party cadres with names of proposed members for the new CEC, which is currently a 12-member team.

On this list:

(1) Dr Tan Cheng Bock
(2) Francis Yuen
(3) Hazel Poa
(4) Leong Mun Wai
(5) Phang Yew Huat
(6) Ang Yong Guan
(7) Taufik Supan
(8) Nadarajah Logan
(9) A’bas Bin Kasmani
(10) Jeffrey Khoo
(11) Lim Cher Hong
(12) Kevin Chua

If cadres vote in favour of these nominees, the new CEC would include the entire GE2020 West Coast team of Dr Tan, Leong Mun Wai and Hazel Poa, and new inclusions Jeffrey Khoo and Nadarajah Logan.

Surprisingly, head of the Women’s Wing and Youth Wing, Wendy Low and Jess Chua respectively are missing from the list.

Together with exclusion of treasurer Peggy Chua, concerns have been raised over the lack of representation of women in the party’s top leadership posts.

Another issue raised has been the lack of youth voices in the, 10 out of 12 CEC members would be over the age of 50.

All of the proposed new faces, with the exception of financial consultant Lim Cher Hong, are above 50 years old.

The age issue together with the lack of women’s representation would solidify the PSP’s reputation as “Dad’s Army” – an infamous title which the party has been trying to shake since GE2020 without much success.

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