SDP Plans to Contest Sembawang GRC after 10-Year Absence, Opening Door for Possible Three-Corner Fight

The Singapore Democratic Party, according to chairman Paul Tambyah, looks set to contest in Sembawang GRC come the next General Election.

Speaking at a SDP National Day walkabout, Tambyah said that “many people in the area” remember the SDP, and have been welcoming since the party started conducting house visits there last year.

The last time SDP contested in Sembawang GRC was in GE2011, when party heavyweights John Tan and James Gomez lost to the PAP team led by Khaw Boon Wan, securing just 36 percent of popular support.

The SDP is likely to face a three-corner fight from the National Solidarity Party, which contested in Sembawang in GE2015 and GE2020.

Both times, the team led by secretary-general Spencer Ng won roughly 30 percent of the votes.

The next GE must be held by August 2025.

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