SDP’s Credibility Leaped by Over 2-Fold in General Election 2015!

And the highest gains in credibility for General Election 2015 goes to the Singapore Democrats!

A study by the Institute of Policy Studies showed that the percentage of people who found the party credible soared from 20 percent in GE2011 to 42 percent in GE2015.

The PAP say an increase of credibility of 20 percentage points, while the Workers’ Party’s credibility in the eyes of voters increased by 15 percentage points.

Respondents who viewed the SDP and WP as credible were mainly those aged 39 years and below, and mainly had a university and diploma education.

As for the PAP, its was the pre-independence generation, or those aged above 55 years that mainly saw the party as credible.

A total of 2,015 Singaporeans were interviewed for the survey, which was headed by IPS senior research fellow Gillian Koh.

It was was conducted via phone from 12 to 26 September this year.


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