“Ladies, Singaporean Men have Plenty of Good Points that Ang Mohs Don’t Have!”

HARRISON: In response to both the articles slaying the other gender, here’s my point of view, from a male’s perspective.

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Firstly, I don’t think it’s beyond my call as a gentleman to pay for a girl’s meal on a date out or perhaps send her home. I asked her out for a date, and I think it’s respectful that I pay for her share. If you can’t afford to take her out, don’t ask her out on a date. Clear and simple. You should be at least financially stable and not so pocket pinching, to be able to take her out for a date.  Also, I think it’s necessary to send her home. It’s late and although Singapore is known for her safety, I believe an additional 1 hour for her to see her safe and sound, would be worth it! Practice some chivalry, and she wouldn’t detest local men like that.

Next, going to hawker centers to have a meal. I wouldn’t say most ladies expect a high end restaurant, neither do they expect a hawker center. It”ll be strange a pretty weird to take a girl to have some laksa and cai peng on a first date or perhaps during the “get to know her” and “chasing” period. If you like her, you show her that she’s worthy of a decent meal, not saying that local hawker food are indecent and unworthy, but perhaps set her up at a mid-range restaurant or cook her a meal if your pockets are bleeding! Perhaps when you get to know her better, a hawker center date is perfectly fine! Bros out there, look at it this way, a girl would want to see herself worthy of not only your time but your money as well. Show her that she is, if you really like her! Come on, a little bit won’t hurt. If she constantly expects the finer things in life, I suggest a break up would be more practical.

Also, girls, if you think local men are cheap and penny pinching, and have a loser mindset, I suggest you take a step back and take a look at your apparent glamour westerners. Not all western men are good and not all local men are bad. It’s either you’re searching in the wrong places or dating the wrong people. There are plenty of pros that come along with the local men that westerners are incapable of achieving. Westerners have their own set of flaws as well, that their blonde hair and blue eyes cover. I suggest you be with the man you love and not be with a man and try to love him.

All in all, there aren’t a “hopeless case” local men or a “wow” westerner. I can’t phantom why people are slandering the other gender just to prove a point. Boon Sim, if you’re unsuccessful, I’m sorry but I think you should relook at your personality and perhaps you’re a tad more gentlemanly, I think girls would flock to you, and SPG, I hope you”ll see the good in local men soon, there are plenty out there!


Thank you Harrison for this letter.
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