Lawrence Wong Ups Vehicle Vendetta: Free Parking Is Not Free, Car Park Fees to Rise

Old habits die hard, and so does old rhetoric.

In February last year, when he was still Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Lawrence Wong spoke out against free parking at sports facilities.

He said free parking should not be used as a carrot to encourage more people to use these sports facilities, for the reason that people who aren’t playing sports might take advantage of the free parking.

In his latest salvo against free parking, the current Minister for National Development announced that current car park fees might even increase.

When asked in parliament yesterday if his ministry would consider providing free parking for car park spaces that are under-utilised, Mr Wong said:

“Free parking is not free. It’s a subsidy to the motorist, paid for by non-motorists.”

Mr Wong appears bent increasing the cost of driving in Singapore.

The idea is to make driving so unaffordable that people will have to ditch their cars and either walk, jog or cycle to their destinations.

Other monetary means to control the vehicle population by taxing drivers have long been implemented, such as the COE and ERP systems.




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