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Leong Mun Wai Tekan in Parliament: Necessary for PAP to Bully “Lowly” NCMP?

HAROLD CHAI: It is simply quite appalling how PAP ministers are skirting the questions of PSP NCMP Leong Mun Wai, and then trying to run roughshod all over him.

Are his hard questions too difficult for them to answer, that they have to resort to smoke and mirrors just to paint him as a xenophobe?

Leong has been held a consistent stance since he became a NCMP, which is that Singaporeans must not be unfairly passed over for high-skilled jobs.

He has also been asking about whether the government is unfairly raising taxes when Singapore has enough reserves for its spending needs.

He gets told off by DPM Heng Swee Keat, who instead of clarifying whether the numbers put forward by Leong are correct, insultingly asks him to do more research.

He gets labelled by Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung as protectionist who wants to close the borders to all foreign talents.

And now, in a broad stroke, Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam appears to lump him together with online xenophobes.

No minister has directly taken him on regarding the key topics he has raised about the state of Singapore’s finances and the economic impact which Singaporeans have to bear due to the opening of the floodgates to foreigners.

We have such smoke and mirrors happen when Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh was shut down by Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing regarding employment statistics for Singaporean PMETs.

Isn’t parliament a place for discourse on issues which are of concern to the Singaporean public?

If the voices of elected MPs and NCMPs are to be cast aside so easily, then isn’t the government showing an utter lack of respect for the voices of the electorate?

Bullying a lowly NCMP like Leong isn’t a show of strength.

Instead, it just exposes the weaknesses and cowardice of these supposedly elite ministers.

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