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Letters: 7 Reasons why Singapore’s General Election isn’t Rigged in Undemocratic Ways

OFFBEAT PERSPECTIVES: Why does the above video remind me so much of Singapore? (*raised eyebrows)

[How our “democratic” mainstream media-political system works in 7 examples]

1) Mainstream media definitely does not act – merely as  PAP’s the government’s mouthpiece. 


Hmm..If even Hillary Clinton is in doubt, there’s no more to doubt. 

The airtime given to opposition parties during GE2015 – 1 hour english “live” forum (2 PAP representatives: 1 representative from each opposition party), and general election coverage – are peanuts in comparison to the positive reinforcement PAP (*especially their ministers) get all year round, with the exception of heavy scrutiny and coverage on negative sagas of opposition parties and their members.

2) GRC system is definitely not used for political advantage in any ways by PAP.


Oh really?…You just left me speechless..

We have a GRC system which is very essential and relevant for inclusive multiculturalistic politics (*no doubt), but it is pretty hard to deny the fact that it might be partly used as a strategy to put one minister in the GRC team, so that Singaporeans will be pressured to vote for the PAP team in their constituency even if they do not want to, with the mindset to not lose any “important” ministers.

3) ELD is 100% non-partisan when it comes to changes in electoral boundaries.


Yeah right, like I would fall for that shit.

The Elections Department of Singapore (ELD) is a department under the Prime Minister’s Office, and they are the ones who recommend changes to our electoral boundaries during every general election.

4) I can’t do shit to you, so I will use mainstream media to help me shit on you.


We are sneaky, but nonetheless in a law-abiding way.

Negative mainstream media (MM) sensalization and reputation-thrashing of opposition party members who are perceived as a political threat to PAP and ISD (Internal Security Department). Control mainstream media, and you control majority of of Singaporean adult mindsets. If MM hate you, rest assured the rest of the public will be indoctrinated to form the same vibes towards you.

5) ONLY IF you fit into PAP’s good books, are you then free to air your analytical views on mainstream TV about our socio-political scene and issues.


Conform to rules of the censorship board. (*repeat as followed)

6) Which come to my next point – only  “PAP-friendly” or “neutral-safe” socio-political commentators are invited to Mediacorp shows e.g. CNA, Ch5 on political-related, and general election discussions / analysis. Like G.K., E.T. etc.


Get the memo? You’re out.

7) Personality cult. Oh hell no, we are surely not like the once/still communist North Korea, China, and Germany. Or are we??



Lee Kuan Yew’s death being sensationalised and exploited just before GE2015, with Singaporeans falling into the emotional trap of “I have to vote for PAP to show gratefulness to what LKY has done for Singapore”. How citizens viewed him, shed tears for him, and large-scale funeral ceremony is similar to the wakes of Mao Ze Dong, Stalin, Kim Jong Il etc.

All in all…

PAP is very smart in their dealings with political activists and opponents. As a first world government today, they are not that stupid to openly have you killed if you’re a prominent opposing political figure, but they will find other strategic law-abiding ways e.g. use of mainstream media for character-thrashing purposes, legal suits, changes to laws, arrests for “valid” offences under the law,  lifelong imprisonment, authority intimidation, plain-clothed policemen, other forms of harassments – to bring you down, and make your present and future life difficult for you.


Ta-dang. With power and privilege, PAP is here to stay



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