LETTERS: Misleading Advertising for IT Fair, but ASAS rather Complain about Straight Pink Dot Ads?

JEREMY TAY: Please look at this brochure by Audiohouse for its IT fair. It is clearly misleading and should be flagged.

At first glance everything seems okay, but look carefully at the model numbers that are on discounted price.

The discounted “show price” is on a totally different model of TVs from the “original price” items which are advertised.

It’s like this for all of the TV models on the brochure.

Clearly this was designed to trick consumers!

Instead of looking into such misleading advertisements, the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore prefers to persecute Cathay for using the word “love” on its Pink Dot ads.

It’s a very straight statement and a case of interpretation, so there’s nothing misleading about it.

It’s very disgraceful for the advertising standards authority to ignore a deliberate attempt at misleading consumers while using its position to discriminate against homosexuals.

A case of double standards?



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