LETTERS: Thank You Ong, Wong and MTF for Steering Singapore Through the Pandemic

JANET ANG: You guys only know how to whack the government task force when they flip-flop or make mistakes.

Did you think that anyone else in their position could have done a lot worse and we could be facing 10,000 instead of 3000 daily cases today?

Look at other countries.

In Indonesia and Philippines, they are struggling to find enough vaccines for their people.

Here, the government gives free vaccines also people refuse to take.

In Malaysia, they are still stuck under strict MCO (Movement Control Order).

Here, at least we can still go out and for leisure activities.

In the UK and US, their hospitals cannot cope with the Covid cases.

Here, we only face some inconveniences but hospitals are still not overwhelmed.

Only in the worst periods then there is a circuit breaker to calm things down, and businesses receive financial help from the government.

Instead of always whacking, shouldn’t you be counting your blessings?

You should be thanking Ong Ye Kung, Lawrence Wong and the rest of the task force for steering Singapore through the pandemic.

It’s so easy to just talk when you are not the one in the hot seat.

Every night I say a prayer for them before I sleep and I make sure my children also say prayers for them.

To pray that there will be less wrinkles on Lawrence Wong’s forehead so that people cannot laugh that he looks like Liang Po Po, and hair will grow back on Ong Ye Kung’s bald patches.

When my children grow up I will remind them that it is this government that has prevented Singapore from collapsing.

I hope all of you will do the same.

Thank you.

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