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Ang Moh Couple Mock “Stupid Singaporeans” Who Gave Up Their Seat to Them at the Food Court

KEV: Here’s a story to share with you about an obnoxious ang moh couple who got a free seat at the food court expense of our gracious countrymen, and still had the courtesy to laugh at them.

“Just witnessed this incident at amk hub foodcourt. Saw this amdk family (couple pushing a baby pram with their baby)looking for seats. They walked pass this young sinkie couple who was enjoying their meal. Suddenly the chiobu OL of the couple saw the family, he tell the family to come take their place, while she herself grab her bags and her bf’s arm and stand up. The bf complain “why so fast go? I havent finish my bah cho mee leh!!” The girl just say “aiya give up your seat lah u eat so much for what?”

Then the bf give in and stand up, and they leave with their half eaten food on the table while the family thank them. After sit down the amdk say to his wife “haha, stupid Singaporeans”.

Nevertheless, it’s better to be gracious and be taken for a fool, than be a selfish ass and still get fooled!

(Read the response here: Don’t Judge Ang Mohs as “Proud” and “Arrogant” Because of Their Skin Colour)


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