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Beat Up Girlfriend and Boast About It so Arrogantly? What a Man!

CYNTHIA: How’s this for a man? Such big talk about beating up his girlfriend, you wonder why the “brand” of Singaporean men is so lousy. Even if you’re not a gentleman, you don’t have to be a brute and resort to violence to get your way.

Such people already shame themselves with their actions, and they’re shaming themselves even more by boasting about it for the whole world to hear! You think you’re very “man”? You just look like a foolish hooligan whose parents wasted their time trying to bring you up right. How such a pathetic loser can still be so arrogant, I don’t know.

I think it’s only right that I share this here, with a reminder to women that you don’t have to tolerate such nonsense from men, least of all those who don’t treasure you!


Thank you Cynthia for this letter.
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